Baby Swaddle Blankets

ladybug swaddle blanket  bumble bee swaddle blanket






Why wrap your new little bundle of joy in any old swaddle blanket when with these lady bug or bumble bee swaddle blankets the whole neighborhood will think your child is the cutest baby on your street. Ideal for keeping your child snug and warm while they are in the stroller, crib or for  snuggles with grandma, both of these swaddle blankets are made from 100% pure cotton. The benefit of this is that they will keep your child cozy while maintaining a high degree of breathability which helps to eliminating your child from sweating. And being a premium material, these cuddle blankets will maintain their color and shape after numerous washings and encourages your child to sleep in a similar position as when they were in the womb. [click to continue…]

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halo swaddle sleepsack puppiesThere are few things cuter in the world than a new born baby and puppies and you can combine them both with the sensational Puppy Dogs Baby Sleep Sack from Halo.  Suitable for baby boys and girls, this sleep sack is a wearable blanket designed to replace loose blankets in the crib or at any time before your baby is walking and will not interfere with breathing, but still contains plenty of room in the “sack” to allow your baby to learn how to use their legs.

Beyond the beautiful puppy print, this swaddle blanket is the ultimate in flexibility. Its unique design incorporates an adjustable swaddle that allows for your babies arms to be in or out, for a gradual transition to a wearable blanket as your baby grows. Featuring a gold seal from leading SIDS and safety organizations, this swaddle wrap can be used to immobilize your baby’s arms to prevent the startle or “Moro” reflex.

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