Mickey Mouse Baby Sleep Sack

mickey mouse baby sleep sackYour gorgeous little bundle of joy will stay toasty warm yet will be able to learn how to move and control their legs with this adorable Mickey Mouse baby sleep sack, officially licensed from Disney. Manufactured from Halo, the market leader in baby and infant sleep sacks, this sleep sack will ensure your baby doesn’t accidentally kick off their blankets, exposing their little legs to the cold and is available ins sizes 0 – 6 months and 6 months – 1 year.

Design & Benefits

Because your child doesn’t need great mobility in their first months, the Halo Mickey Mouse Sleep Sack comes in a generous fit, allowing months of use as your child grows quickly from baby to infant. Constructed from premium micro fleece, this sleep sack is both soft and cozy and will keep your child warm while stopping your child from sweating and overheating by wicking away unwanted sweat. All of these benefits plus the added bonus of your child looking like Mickey Mouse, with this distinctive red bottom, black top and cute one buttons make this sleepsack a must have for any babies collection.

Nappy changes are a breeze with this infant sleep sack featuring an inverted zip that won’t pinch your baby’s skin which also makes it harder for an older child to unzip as they become more active and mobile. Best of all, the Mickey Mouse sleep sack slips easily over any regular diaper


This sleep sack meets United States fire resistant standards and is recommended by leading SIDS and safety organizations locally and internationally by reducing the risk of re-breathing and by its design encouraging caregivers to lie baby on his or her back.

mickey mouse sleep sack

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